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About Abundance Unlimited

Abundance Unlimited is a Domain Dedicated to Creative Expression that Connects with a Healthy, Wholistic Global Consciousness.

We feature Artists, Teachers, Advisers, Experts, Visionaries, Environmental Advocates, a Healing Helpers, Event Planners, Dancers, a Sleight-of-Hand Magician, Feng Shui/Home-Stagers, Clean Up and Clean Out Professionals, a Personal Organizer, Producers, Re-cyclers who Re-sell, Re-invent and Inspire, An Art Gallery and Store to make products immediately available to view and buy via Paypal.

Folks featured are: Aura Rose, Ra Smith, Terry LaSorda, Desert Mermaid Productions and referrals to natural foods stores, art galleries, herb stores and other fun places to visit.

About Aura Rose

Internationally known Healer - Healing Master of Massage - Qigong Instructor - Psychic/Intuitive
Tarot Reader - Reiki Master - Yoga Instructor - Medical Intuitive - Artist and more.

Aura Rose is also a Teacher of Massage, Metaphysics, Tarot, Reiki and other subjects.

She has studied with many masters and institutions.

She heals by tapping effortlessly into the pure energy of life force and acts as a conduit to bring it to your body & soul.

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