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Abundance Goddess Sculpture Series

This series of Goddess images is meant to inspire feelings of Abundance based upon the feminine principles of mystery, the deep, dark unknown, inner wisdom, and creativity. These Goddesses are Inspired by Ancient Artifacts & Organic Forms. You don’t have to be a woman to appreciate the Goddess.

This sculpture is a functional work of art to begin or add to your sacred altar-style space. Your distinctive objects or jewelry may be kept and displayed or essential oils used to infuse a room. She may be employed as an effective Feng Shui placement cure. Enjoy her presence in your collection!

Abundance Goddess
The Yoga Wave Goddess
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The YogaWave Goddess is the Premier Piece in the series of Limited Edition contemporary Abundance Goddess sculptures.

This series of Goddess sculptures is created to inspire feelings of Abundance. Each piece is hand cast, painted and engraved with the artist’s initials and includes a beautiful Certificate of Authenticity.

the Mermaid Goddess is the Second Piece in the Limited Edition Abundance Goddess series of Contemporary Goddess Sculptures followed by the Venus Mermaid Riding the Wave which is the third piece in the Limited Edition Abundance Goddess series of Contemporary Goddess Sculptures. The Mermaid Venus rides on her watery wave of bliss.

mermaid goddess
The Mermaid Goddess
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Handling & Caring For Bronze Sculptures

Always hold sculptures with two hands by the base and solid center of the sculpture and not the appendages. Wear white cotton gloves or use a soft cloth to protect the sculpture from fingerprints. Remove jewelry which might scratch the finish. Place the sculpture on a well supported pedestal or table in a climate-controlled environment. Do not use household cleaners. Buff the sculpture lightly with a soft dry cloth. Use a soft brush to dust off detailed areas

These are all an artist original vision and no other artist has fashioned anything like it!

These sculptures cultivate an artifact-like quality, almost like a primitive piece one might find on an archeological dig

Venus Mermaid Riding The Wave
Venus Mermaid Riding the Wave
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Aura Rose - Artist StatementAura Rose

I am an artist who is passionate about helping to build a more sustainable world. I try to re-use, re-cycle and re-purpose found objects into unique expressions of art.

Archetypes or images that appeal to the collective unconscious inspire me to explore the mystery of form by conjuring up original ideas from the depths of my experiences.

The vibrant presence in people and plants strangely affect our mood. Intuition plays a major role in bringing forth the “Spirit Portraits” in my paintings of people and their pets.

I created my Abundance Goddess Sculptures to evoke an artifact-like quality. Each Goddess piece represents a contemporary image. Each one incorporates hidden meanings suggested by their figural curves.

These goddesses are meant to spark creativity, invoke fertility and awaken within oneself the deeper mysteries of the universe.#########

The “YogaWave Infinity” Goddess meditates atop a cresting wave. Her figure-eight shape of infinity symbolizes abundance.

The “Venus Mermaid Riding the Wave” Abundance Goddess embodies one’s ability to stand tall upon the wave-like depths of our emotions.

The “BP Oil Spill Mermaid” was conceived as a thought-provoking protest.
I share with the viewer the wild curiosities of a winding path through majestic mountains on “The Road to Taos” in this continuing series.

I share with the viewer the wild curiosities of a winding path through majestic mountains on “The Road to Taos” in this continuing series.

#########“Descansos”, one of the subjects from this series, are unique roadside “Remembrances” from this area.

They are constructed by locals to commemorate their loved ones who died by the roadside.

Aura Rose exhibits in galleries, shows and has sold her work to clients from many countries.


Ra's - Artist StatementRa

Ra's Artist Statement will be coming soon.

Please keep checking back for updates.

Also, check out Ra's Personal Website HERE


Jah-ni's - Artist StatementJahni

“These times seem like the fifties to me in that an institutional mindset prevails in the mass culture. One of the most powerful things about the sixties was how our institutional identity was shaken and we were forced to look beyond it to find who we really might be. Our identities had been so defined by the controls of church and state. As if in response to a massive convulsion deep in humankind itself, I began painting in a sub-conscious attempt to express this arousal towards consciousness. It felt sort of like Richard Dreyfus in the movie, Close Encounters, building his rock formation out of his mashed potatoes.”

Jah-ni, also known as John Charles Miller, splits his residence between California and Taos, New Mexico.


aura rose

Internationally-known Healer

Healing Master of Massage


Tarot Reader

Medical Intuitive
Teacher of Massage, Metaphysics,
Tarot Reiki and other subjects

Supreme Science Qigong Instructor
Level I

Reiki Master

Yoga Instructor

Artist and more.

She has studied with many masters and institutions.

She heals by tapping effortlessly into the pure energy of life force and acts as a conduit to bring it to your body & soul.

Aura Rose is available for art commissions for Goddesses made in your image, professional photography or Spirit Portraits. She is also a Healer, Entertainer, Realtor, Writer & enjoys helping people fulfill their dreams.

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