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Individual & Group Class & Workshop Opportunities

Basic Massage Apprenticeship Certification Program
Aura Rose has an established healing arts studio near Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where treatments feature techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology, Barefoot/Shiatsu
and Reiki Bio-Energetics.

The Basic Program can be taken with the intention of simply learning how to promote greater healing for self and others or to receive Certification to enhance career or Continuing Education Credit.

Ms. Rose is Certified by the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Inc. to the highest honorable degree on Three Certification levels since 1989. Her programs are recognized nationally in a myriad of directories of healing training, and books such as “Massage at your Fingertips”,
“Oryx” & on the Internet.

Her professional healing practice since 1985 provides Healing Sessions, Intuitive Reading & Development, Yoga, and Instruction in the Healing Arts.

My purpose for teaching massage is to give the prospective practitioner a better background in technique and connection, an emphasis generally lacking in the agenda of many schools with scientific orientation today. Classes are generally small, intensive laboratories, meticulously detailed, with a great quantity of attention paid to each individual.

Reiki is a requirement of the Basic curriculum in order to cultivate a more sensitive touch and protect the practitioner. Individuals are encouraged to design their own programs and add hours. This flexibility of programming is another major alternative to conventional existent programs. The Basic Massage Course can be modified for those with an interest in merely learning
how to give a good massage.

Basic Massage Therapy Apprenticeship Course Outline:
Laboratories vary in length from 1.5 – 3 hours.

Reiki First Degree Cert.12
Basic Swedish 18.5
Theory & Practice, Exploring Modalities
Practicum 6
Business Ethics, Mastery &
Professionalism; 5
=42 total

Practice is necessary and encouraged outside of class.
Anatomy & Physiology
An opportunity to join ABMP as a student and receive
Liability Insurance is offered.

Two personalized classes consist of Receiving a Massage and a Critique at class conclusion.
Massage laboratories outside of class time are essential to completion as well as Reiki First Degree Certification.

The 42-hour Basic Apprenticeship receives two Certificates:

One Title of Certification in Massage.
One Title of Practitioner, Reiki First Degree

If you are a Nurse, Esthetician or Therapist,
Contact your employer concerning partial or full reimbursement for the program. These programs may be used for Continuing Education credits. Check with your professional guidelines regarding qualification for Continuing Education.

(Two books are required reading/study guides for class.
Full descriptions are presented here, complete with ISBN#s to ease ordering.
Ordering suggestions: Try Barnes and Noble online or in store or Univbookco, King of Prussia, PA at 800-345-6425:

Healing Massage Techniques by Frances M. Tappan
An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles by Bradley Bowden & Joan Bowden: ISBN#089582616X
Order direct from Morton Publishing Co. 1-800-348-3777
There are alternate title suggestions available.

Further information is provided to all students during Orientation.

Whatever your goals, professional or personal,
Aura Rose’s classes are delightfully different.

“How To Give A Good Massage” Class
This class is for the layman who just wants to learn how to give a good massage. Material is presented for ease of understanding. In one workshop you can learn how to rub
someone the right way!

“Aura Rose has Hands of Gold.”

- Kathy Farkas, Mary Kay Director, Haverford, PA

Massage For Couples
Learn the fun basics of easing each other’s aches & pains.
Bring more relief to your relationship in just one workshop session!

Reiki Healing Seminars

Reiki is an ancient system exploring the essential Energy that moves, nourishes, heals us, and affects all life.
Reiki is a vertebra in the backbone of the emerging science of Bioenergetics, a Somatic therapy.
Reiki is calming, energizing, relieving, healing and cleansing to our entire system.
Anyone can learn Reiki for personal or professional applications by attending simple, yet comprehensive classes.
Reiki Certification 1, Comprehensive Original System Taught with Modern Counterparts by Aura Rose, 5th Generation Reiki Master

…with Aura Rose, 5th Generation Reiki Master
Affordable, Complete Reiki One, Two and Three Certification.
Your choice of local Bryn Mawr, PA location or NM Retreat. Call to discuss designing a program that fits your needs. Reiki is for Everyone of all ages but All Healers can learn Reiki to protect them & enhance their healing ability! Continuing Education
Credit Available.
Please call Ongoing dates & locations.
Call (610)-265-0985 between 10am-6pm M-SA to make reservations.

Reiki 1 Seminar
Learn the most Complete Reiki Hands-On Healing for Self and Others. Aura Rose preserves as much of the Usui Tradition as handed down through her 3rd Generation Masters.
"I did really enjoy my massage session. It felt like a very personalized massage. I have in the past gone to spas and love that atmosphere, but they do not offer personalized "healing" massages. I definitely recognized the quality in your work."

- 4 personal treatments
-Attunements to The Reiki Energy
-Authentic Reiki 1 Manual
-Beautiful Certificate

Registration for Reiki Seminars also automatically registers you to receive invitations to Reiki Sharing Parties. Dates and times may be changed to accommodate attendee. Alternate locations available. Please state your preferencesComprehensive HEALING RENEWALS

Reiki 2 Seminar
Advanced Certificate, Emphasis on Distance Healing
Call for class dates

Reiki Party
An event not to be missed.
Open to anyone interested in Reiki
Must RSVP.

Intuition Circle
Intuitive Sharing & Development for Intuitives. Come share in energy clearing, readings & nurturing in an intimate group setting. Delicious healthy refreshments served. Please feel free to bring a vegan potluck dish. Come gather with us once a month in a lovely healing environment with like-minded spirits as a nourishing gift to yourself. Call to reserve, as space is limited.

Intuitive Development
Learn what you need to do to further develop your intuition. Address your specific needs.
Private Sessions & Ongoing classes.

Aromatherapy for your Life
This lesson gives you a basic understanding of Aromatherapy. Receive a Free Handy chart & a very euphoric sniffer! Prepare for an enjoyable.

Ayurveda: The Basics
The ancient Indian secret to understanding how to eat & live well according to your unique body type will be revealed in this workshop! Bring a friend for fun. A FREE handy pamphlet is yours to keep.

The Secrets of Happiness are in The Chakras
Find out what they are, why they are so important, how they affect you & how YOU can change them to make your life BETTER! A FREE handy chart is yours to keep.

“Aura’s Classes are powerful & life-changing. Her presentation is unique & she is easy to understand. I always feel great after class. She is a wonderful teacher & person.”

Everyone needs healing in life. Book a private session for your health & well-being.
Get free today & bring more joy into your life.
Inquiries invited.

Group events at other locations sponsored. Distance Reading, Healing & Phone Sessions available. email: rosielife@gmail.com with your contact info or

Call: 610-265-0985
Call between 10-7 Monday through Friday Eastern Time.

Paypal Payment plans available

aura rose

Internationally-known Healer

Healing Master of Massage


Tarot Reader

Medical Intuitive
Teacher of Massage, Metaphysics,
Tarot Reiki and other subjects

Supreme Science Qigong Instructor
Level I

Reiki Master

Yoga Instructor

Artist and more.

She has studied with many masters and institutions.

She heals by tapping effortlessly into the pure energy of life force and acts as a conduit to bring it to your body & soul.