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Healing Renewals
Aura Rose
"Master Healer From California"
"My malady dissolved in one session with Aura Rose, and it has not returned."
- Terry LaSorda, Metallurgist.

Compassionate Healer from California offers a variety of Healing Sessions. Aura Rose is a celebrated, internationally-known healing helper, Psychic/Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Metaphysician, Massage Master, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and more. She has studied with many masters and institutions. She heals by tapping effortlessly into the pure energy of life force and acts as a conduit to bring it to your body & soul.

"My session with Aura Rose was surprising, powerful, and most of all healing.  I have had the misfortune of having sessions with so-called healers in the Philadelphia and Audubon area that were at times painful and always ineffective.

I have had intense pain and tightness in my neck and upper back for years due to the very physical nature of my profession.  My malady dissolved in one session with Aura Rose, and it has not returned.  I continue to have sessions with her because of the wonderful rebalancing and stress relieving effect her healing touch
has on my whole being.

There is an intuition and wisdom in Aura's approach that brings about a spontaneous reaction.  In every nuance of her touch there is compassion and a knowing that initiates a chain reaction within you that results in a rebalancing of self and a wonderful healing. I have experienced no pain in Aura's work.  It is as if the pain dissolves the moment her knowing hands and the flow of energy through them comes in contact with it.  And, the results of her work stays with you.  It is not temporary.  This has been my experience with this most gifted and
compassionate healer. Thank you, Aura!"

- Terry LaSorda, Industry Specialist, Metallurgist; West Norriton , PA


Aura Rose offers a variety of Healing Sessions which combine Intuitive & Hands-On Components. She also refers to these sessions as Massage, although this is no ordinary Massage. Massage is defined here as a Wholistic session employing healing hands and specific techniques to enhance the physical, mental and emotional health & well being.

"I did really enjoy my massage session. It felt like a very personalized massage. I have in the past gone to spas and love that atmosphere, but they do not offer personalized "healing" massages. I definitely recognized the quality in your work."

- Tulani Johnson, P.A., King of Prussia, Pa

"She has Hands of Gold!"

- Kathy Farkas, Mary Kay Director, Haverford, Pa

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Healing Renewal Special Offers!

Qigong Instructor

Supreme Science Qigong Instruction
Qi = Life Force, “The Energy”, the secret ingredient that makes us tick, present everywhere, inside & outside of us. Qi moves the blood.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong has the ability to cure all disease caused by lack of blood flow.
Aura Rose is a Certified Supreme Science Qigong Instructor with years of experience in teaching "The Energy".

"I have been lucky to experience the Miracle of Qi. I found SSQigong easy to learn and integrate into daily living. I would like to share this Qigong with you, to have your own direct experience of this incredible, life-changing movement."
Feel free to contact us to find a Class near you, so you may try Qigong and directly experience what it can do for you today!

Intuitive Readings

This Intuitive component of a Healing Session can be appreciated as a session in itself. These Readings promote a greater understanding of life's lessons & provide valuable insight & direction for the future. Healing energy is naturally transmitted to the receiver during this process. Aura Rose was born psychic and mentored by many masters.

“We’ve all been there, wanting to hear what we want to hear. When that happens I call my supporting friends. They hold my hand and tell me everything will be alright. If I want to hear what is coming down the pike (i.e. the truth) I contact Aura Rose. Over a cup of tea and sometimes chocolate, she tells me the hard facts and then helps me figure out ways to handle the changes. For over a decade she has ALWAYS been right. I’m happy to say Aura Rose has become a friend and is one of my most trusted advisors. I highly recommend her services.”

 - MG, Park City, Utah

“I have been a client of Aura Rose for more than 12 years. The first time I saw her I was not enthusiastic. She gave me horrible news in the nicest fashion ~ even providing me with very wise advice (I would later use it). When I left the reading, I told my sister that she was the worst psychic ever and I threw her business card in a junk drawer. Imagine my surprise when five months later I was digging for that piece of gold as every single thing she had told me came to fruition. Not one to hold a grudge, she accepted my appointment request and proceeded to help me handle life changing issues that would have certainly rocked my world if not for her guidance and support. I have been devoted to her talents ever since
and am pleased beyond measure to recommend her to anyone
seeking advice.”

- Adrienne G., Utah

"Aura Rose's tarot readings are so spot-on! She described the guy I was dating with amazing clairvoyant precision, then gave me hope and tools I needed to cope with the relationship. She has a really clear understanding of the "higher self" within everyone and works in that context in a loving and nurturing way with everyone. She is one of the most gifted and caring souls I know."

- Shelley Reeve, Astrologer. Long Beach, CA.

Personal Organizer

“Personal organizers can help you tackle organizational nightmares like overstuffed closets or garages. They also can help set up an efficient home office or create time management systems specific to your busy life.” - from

Do you have a room you'd LOVE to use but can't even open the door because it's stuffed with STUFF???

Give Aura Rose just 3 Hours: I can make this room neat & useable, with an EASY  FUNCTIONING ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM!

“I am especially good at taking an entire home (macro) or individual room (micro)-(such as your office) & organize papers & items into a simple & easy to maintain system while teaching you how to maintain this system yourself! Hiring me will be time well spent, de-stressing, promoting greater joy & happiness – you will see! You only have your clutter to lose!”

“I was one of those people she told me about whose office door you couldn’t open. I was really embarrassed & had trepidation about having anyone see what a mess I’d gotten into. Try as I could, I couldn’t clear it myself. I needed the filing cabinets in order & everything was scattered all over the room, despite my best efforts at creating & working an organizing system. She came in and really did clear & organize the space in only 3 hours! My entire life has changed as a result. Thanks, Aura Rose!” –J, Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Aura Rose has over 20 years of Personal Organizer experience & plenty of references from happy clients.

Feng-Shui & House Healing

Home is a sacred space. Insure this with a House Healing. Aura Rose employs Feng-Shui & Reiki to heal your home to live in or clear it to sell. She gives you free powerful tools to continue the healing in your home.

Comprehensive Healing Sessions

Comprehensive Healing Sessions last approximately 2 hours and include Intuitive Reading, Reiki Energy Cleansing and nurturing Bodywork.

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riosage mega bundle
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Rio Grande Sage: Sustainably Wild-Crafted Sage Bundles “Smudge Sticks”

About Rio Grande Sage: Rio Grande Sage™** is a particularly unique variety of the Desert Sage, Artemisia Tridentata from the Rio Grande Gorge Area of Taos, New Mexico.

Friends and family gather during the growing season to wild-craft Rio Grande Sage™ in a respectful manner taught to us by our Native American neighbors.*

Top quality Native American Sage bundles are available in a variety of sizes, offering the perfect size for your smudging needs.

Smudge Sticks or Sage Bundles vary in size. MINI Bundles may measure approximately 6” while MEGA Bundles and SUPER MEGA Bundles may measure approximately 12”.

Green or Environmental Concerns

Sustainably-harvesting means not pulling up root systems, harvesting just enough so that the plant will continue to thrive and generally caring for each plant source. Because of the scarcity of some of the traditional Native American herbs and plants we feel this ages-old way of harvesting to be absolutely essential. Only the top half of each plant is used and we generally leave more than 80% of the live sage in any harvest area. We subscribe to the Ancient Native tradition to leave enough live plants to complete their life cycle and produce flowers & seeds. Southwest cuisine adds sage for a pleasantly sharp flavor that contrasts well with sweet or fruity sauces. We suggest you test our sage by using a pinch finely ground as it may be much too pungent for cooking.

How to Use Rio Grande Sage Bundles

Bundles of sage branches are widely used for "smudging", a *Native American tradition in which the top of the smudge stick is lit. This herb is considered "sacred" by Native Americans who have used herbs for generations in "smudging" ceremonies. Sage is thought to be healing and purifying according to lore from Native Americans and other indigenous people. Drinking a tea made with the sage is thought to prevent or clear illnesses.

The smell of sage will remind you of the desert and the sacredness of life. Smudging creates soothing smoke. You may find our sage to be very refreshing, relaxing & clearing to your system.

To burn a smudge stick - just place in an abalone shell (a Traditional container) or other heat-proof container partially filled with sand or salt. Light the tip, blow it out and direct the smoke around your body and/or the space you wish to "clear". You may also set the wand in the container and use a "smudging feather" or your hand to direct the smoke. To extinguish, invert smudge into the sand or salt to smother or drench the burning tip in water until it is extinguished and save the remainder of the bundle for another time. Never leave lit smudge unattended and care should be used when extinguishing. Note: Remove any ornamentation such as dried flowers before burning. Some people like to snip off the string from the area they will burn while others allow the string to burn naturally with the sage.

Why Sage Is Used

Native Americans use sage to “smudge” or purify the mind, body and spirit, purifying the atmosphere & dispersing negativity and to purify sacred items like peace pipes and eagle feathers. People may use it to purify their homes, offices, cars and some carry a small amount of sage in a pocket or medicine pouch to insure personal and spiritual safety. Its traditional physical medicinal uses are as an astringent, antiseptic, carminative and as a disinfectant against inflammation and as a soothing, calming aromatic tea.

Contact us to attend a Sacred Sage Mini-Workshop and receive a Free bundle of Rio Grande Sage!

** Rio Grande Sage™ is a trademarked product of Aura Rose’s Treasures. Browse our Treasures and shop online:
©Aura Rose’s Treasures, Eagleville, Pa. 19403

aura rose

Internationally-known Healer

Healing Master of Massage


Tarot Reader

Medical Intuitive
Teacher of Massage, Metaphysics,
Tarot Reiki and other subjects

Supreme Science Qigong Instructor
Level I

Reiki Master

Yoga Instructor

Artist and more.

She has studied with many masters and institutions.

She heals by tapping effortlessly into the pure energy of life force and acts as a conduit to bring it to your body & soul.