Abundance Unlimited - Terry LaSorda

Terry LaSorda has been recognized and honored by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians.

Early in his career, LaSorda taught Magic to Muhammed Ali and traveled extensively with Ali all over the world. Shortly thereafter, LaSorda starred in Las Vegas & appeared on television.LaSorda is a top of the line, World Class Sleight of Hand Artist.

He presents fresh & original magic, creating unique and exciting shows that can be enjoyed by all ages. To see him is to be stunned by the brilliance of his art form. One moment, he puts us at ease with his personable style & warm smile while impressively mystifying us in the next.

This is Entertainment at its Best!

While LaSorda was traveling with Muhammed Ali, TV Guide wrote about him in an article, excerpted here. The article can be seen in its entirety at: http://www.trussel.com/hf/tvguide.htm
“from Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 1979, p. 24-27

'I gotta stay here all this time for a million dollars'

His blustery gripes aside, rookie actor Muhammad Ali is giving 'Freedom Road' his best shot - by Dick Russell[author of Black Genius, Carroll & Graf, 1998]

As the sun fades, Ali retires for the day to a secluded house rented for him outside Natchez. Kristofferson, hounded by fans at a hotel, has accepted Ali's invitation to move in. Also staying here is a young magician named Terry Lasorda, who came to training camp to entertain the Champ and wound up as his resident Houdini. For two weeks before the Ali-Spinks fight, every night Lasorda would come to Ali's hotel room to do tricks and teach him magic.
Now, at the house, Lasorda is displaying his prowess with cards and coins as his mentor shouts encouragement: "Ain't he good? I'm his promoter! Gonna take him to England and all countries! He'll be the greatest of all times!"

Finally, Ali himself takes a big metal key in the palm of his hand and orders the living room to silence. "Now what Terry taught me here is really power," he says. "I'm gonna make this key turn over with my mind, watch." Under his breath, he starts to whisper: "Concentrate.... Concentrate.... Mmmmmm.... Mmmmm." As Ali grunts with seeming strain, slowly the key does indeed begin to raise itself and eventually flips over. "Wasn't that somethin'?" the Greatest says proudly.”

Reading's Own Wizard of Odds Gives Muhammed Ali the Shuffle

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